Tarnishing is a natural process that occurs you should not worry about the changing colour of your favourite silver jewelry by default if it happened then we have found the better solution of your all worries in few moments

Silver is a soft metal by its nature , firstly this white metal that is valued for its beauty, electrical conductivity, and antimicrobial properties. Silver is a precious metal that is prized for its bright, shiny appearance. Silver attract quickly other colour existing around it.

However, over time, whenever silver turns into other colour like black or yellow after reacting with existence of sulfur compounds in the air. This process is called tarnishing in the technical language . 

When silver reacts with sulfur, a chemical compound called silver sulfide is formed. Silver sulfide is black in color, so it can cause silver to appear yellow or black. These are mainly cause to silver jewelry for losing its actual colour or change colour of most of sterling silver jewelry

You may see there are several reasons why silver may turn yellow:

Exposure to sulfur:  

Silver reacts with sulfur compounds in the air to form silver sulfide. When silver reacts with sulfur, a chemical compound called silver sulfide is formed. Silver sulfide is black in color, so it can cause silver to appear yellow or black. These two colors mostly seen in all kind of pure 999 sterling silver jewellery in all around the world. 

however reaction is more likely to occur in areas with high levels of pollution, where the air contains more sulfur compounds. In such area silver get tarnish easily.

Environmental issue

can also cause to silver for getting tarnish even though all your silver jewelry are bought from a good jeweller and in good quality like Humidity and damp storage conditions can also accelerate the tarnishing process.

Presence of moisture: 

Humidity can accelerate the tarnishing process, especially if the silver comes into contact with substances such as perspiration or saltwater.

Contact with other metals: 

You might be surprised that silver jewellery can also react with certain metals, such as copper, brass, and bronze, to form an alloy. This reaction can cause silver to turn yellow or brown.

Storage conditions: 

You should not keep your silver jewelry any where your Silver that is stored in a damp or poorly ventilated area may tarnish as fast as possible you won’t able to determine how that could happened in very less time.

So for better prevention of your silver jewelry from tarnishing, it should be stored in a dry, cool place away from other metals. It can also be protected with a tarnish-resistant coating or wrapped in a tarnish-resistant cloth.

Despite tarnishing, silver does not change color permanently. Tarnish can be removed through cleaning and polishing, and the silver will regain its original shine. Some people even use the natural patina that forms on silver over time as a design element, as it can give the metal a unique, antique look.

How to remove yellow tarnish from silver jewelry

So if you find your best sterling silver jewelry into yellowish suddenly then don’t get panic it is very natural process of silver to change its original colour. On the whole if your best design silver jewelry has  turned yellow or black due to tarnish, naturally you may be wondering with a great surprise even though you have wet bought it in 925 purity silver jewelry and the you will be thinking how to restore its shine. As Tarnishing  is a natural process for all kind of silver jewelry that occurs at the moment when silver reacts with sulfur compounds in the air, which forms a black compound called silver sulfide.

Fortunately, you can now be happy that tarnish can be removed from silver jewelry relatively easily if you go with the right cleaning techniques. Here are mainly a few options for removing yellow tarnishing from silver jewelry:

Use a silver cleaner:

Simple and direct method to get rid out tarnishing from all silver jewelry There are many commercial silver cleaners available in the market that are specifically designed to remove tarnish from silver. You just need to simply follow the instructions on the label to apply the cleaner to your jewelry.

Highly effective ways to remove tarnishing 

If you do not  like to go out side then you can also make your own silver cleaner without any additional sources at home using ingredients such as baking soda, water, and vinegar. Mix all in equal parts water and vinegar in a bowl, then just add a spoonful of baking soda.

The next step for removing all kind of tarnishing from you silver jewellery you can now take a soft cloth and dip into the mixture and use it to gently scrub all around the tarnished areas of your jewelry. Follow this process continue for few minutes rinse the jewelry with water and keep them for drying with a soft cloth.

Use a polishing cloth: 

A polishing cloth is also belongs to soft tissues , they are specially treated cloth that is uniquely design to remove tarnish from silver. Simply first of all wipe the tarnished areas of your jewelry with the cloth to remove the tarnish and instantly you may get the good result 

Visit a professional jeweler: 

If your silver jewelry in case is heavily tarnished or has intricate designs that are difficult to clean at home without taking help of any kind of sources , its better that you should take into account a consideration taking it to a professional jeweler for cleaning. You might better know the main reason behind it and able to find out perfect solution of tarnished silver jewelry. 

Why we recommend in this case to visit a jeweller it that a jeweler has the knowledge and tools to properly clean and polish your jewelry, ensuring that it looks its best. The main objective is not to face such problems in future a trustful jeweller can suggest you in details

Things to keep in mind before visiting a jeweller for removing yellowish or tarnishing from your jewellery 

1- Take a proper photo or video of your jewellery in case of submitting for few days 

Thats not mean that you should not trust on your favourite jeweller although you are having already a long term good relationship. We are telling this thing to let you keep you trust always on them as you are making it since long time. What happened generally after leaving the jewellery to the jeweller and the moment when we need to pick that up sometime you might be late or due to some unexpected cause you get very late so whenever you receive it you might be thinking to make some changes that was not there when you deposit it for repairing. 

So to better overcome such kind of missunderstading you should take some photo or make a short video which will not allow you to be in untrustworthy situation 

2- Take a deposit receipt with proper weight mention 

 This might be very useful for everyone because a good Jeweller is not taking care of all kind of repairing or such as tarnishing work. They send all you silver jewelry to either their workshop or any other workshop which can handle the customer’s jewellery issues. So by fault with the worker or labour might be lose any of design pieces inbuilt in your sterling silver jewelry unintentionally. 

So when you take back your fine sterling silver jewelry which was lost its originally colour can be verified with again to weight it on weighing machine instantly. 

No issue will be made only more trust will be enhanced.

To prevent silver from tarnishing, it should be stored in a dry, cool place away from other metals

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