Wedding Ring for Women

Generally Ring size in USA for women is between 3 to 13.5 for adults . Ring size of your finger’s width is determined in millimetres. The average size of women wedding ring is between 5 to 7. We know off course well that the length of lady is also reflect on its ring size. In US the average female’s height is 5’’4 so according to general analysis ring size number 6 is most of the time comfortable for them. 

Wedding Ring for Men  

Generally Ring size in USA for Men is between 6  to 14. Whereas it’s according to the sales data of men’s ring into global market is ranging size is 8 to 10.5 whereas if we say the more and less the perfect combination for men’s wedding ring size is 9. 

How to measure the actual of finger for Ring

1- With Measuring tape  

With the help of Measurement tape its one of the simplest ways to measure the right size of your best jewelry at home. 

You just need to make it strip while doing so don’t move your finger like to bend it or straight it. 

Your finger must be only in a single position that is in straight way then strip it the measurement tape. After that mark with pen at the point where you find the diameter is comfortable for your desire. 

This is the last stage where you can convert now you measurement tape size into ring diameter. 

2- Key ring / Ring Mandrel

You may get the absolute size of your finger with the ring measurement tool if you can buy It. Even it’s not too costly. 

3- at last you may use the size chart of ring measurement given at the end for the perfect size of your engagement ring for men or engagement ring for  women. 

It comes first in mind how to measure the clear size of ring Either with key ring or ring measurement tool you can give you right shape with very cheap price online to your doorsteps. 

In your general life these equipments are comes in essential part so once you invest few bucks will be beneficial more then invested amount.

Option – 3  Use string , floss or thread for measuring your marriage ring size  

1- Wrapping the floss or string on your finger 

2- once the floss or string overlaps mark it out cut it with scissor the last point of overlapped don’t take the overlapping part take the part which

Navya Jewels make you assured about the jewellery size especially the wedding ring which is the most precious thing of long-lasting remembrance moment so stay calm we get the ideal calculation method for your engagement ring. We believe this gift is for your love one with whom you want to spend you whole life so its matter to us as well. 

Everybody want to add on the wedding moment to their happy and lovely memories. The pressure comes when to choose the right size of oneself or partner so here we got everything for your  to find out the right size of your finger for gorgeous engagement ring we are are presenting a simple way to calculate your finger’s width size for wedding ring so that you may calculate at you home it its so useful and its free measurement of ring size  

Things to keep in mind 

You Will be surprises to know that the human ring size differ in seasons. Its natural that in cold weather your finger size could be up and down due to swelling and tightness in hot weather. 

For getting the right approach you must be at least few hours before the measurement in the normal or natural temperature . Even you may notice sometimes the moment you wake up you may see swelling on your finger. 

Normal temperature will allow you to get the faire computation of exact size of your finger for wedding ring. 

Wedding ring seize guide 

Here we present an easiest chart for calculation your beautiful size of your desire wedding ring for men or wedding ring size for women without much taking help of anyone else .

The main objective to let you know all the possibilities to guide you about right size of your wedding ring concerning to not loss your money with wrong size of your excellent choice. Wrong size ornaments will not be useful to you. Too large will create the likelihood change to loss and too small is not for use for owner. 

Steps for better use this chart 

1- after taking all above steps you make put your size on this chart for the right size engagement ring measurement we would like to suggest you to please take a print our of this chart in beneficial to not make any mistake while finding the right size of ring 

2- Rest assured your tape or thread are in proper circle because any of bending could be lead you for wrong analysis 

3- keep in mind that all sizes in the chart’s inside measurements in millimetre ( MM) 

4- you may now get the perfect ring size in mm by below chart witch represent your cross -check of size as well as MM.  ( please refer to second chart ) 


Size 514.27
Size 614.68
Size 715.09
Size 815.29
Size 915.49
Size 1015.9
Size 1116.31
Size 1216.51
Size 1316.92
Size 1417.32
Size 1517.53
Size 1617.93
Size 1718.14
Size 1818.54
Size 1918.75
Size 2019.15
Size 2119.35
Size 2219.76
Size 2319.96
Size 2420.37
Size 2520.57
Size 2620.98
Size 2721.39
Size 2821.59

You will glade to know that the above method is more convenient for finding the size of hand as well you should need to follow  the same process as we presented for ring. 

Ring Diameter (MM)USA/CanadaUnited KingdomFranceGermanyJapanSwitzerland
14.0 mm.3F441444
14.4 mm.G45¼14½6
14.8 mm.446½157
15.2 mm.47¾15¼88
15.6 mm.54915¾9
16.0 mm.L50¾1610½10¾
16.5 mm.6M51½16½1212¾
16.9 mm.N52¾171314
17.3 mm.7O5417¼1415¼
17.7 mm.P55¼17¾1516½
18.2 mm.8Q56¾181617¾
18.6 mm.5818½1718½
19.0 mm.959¼191820
19.4 mm.60¾19½1921
19.8 mm.1061¾202021¾
20.2 mm.10½62¾20¼2222¾
20.6 mm.1164¼20¾2324
21.0 mm.11½66212425¾
21.4 mm.12Y67¼21¼2527½
21.8 mm.12½Z6821¾2628¾
22.2 mm.13Z + 169222729¼
22.6 mm.13½Z + 1.57122.631

What happen if My ring size is change

 Now days the ringer sizer is most famous which can be upgrade its size and one more option to put it into ringer measurement instrument Ring Mandrel and beat the diameter area of the ring slightly can make the diameter of ring size a little bit extended. In contradiction any size is not possible to be shorter even if we don’t cut and welded it that is jewelry maker can do it. 

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