Mostly all kind of silver jewellery either its 925 sterling silver jewellery or silver fashion jewelry are loosing its shining with the passage of time. There are multiples reason behind the degrading its shining toward darkish color all those things which is so closed when we keep them in box. 

Like sometimes the glorious designer jewellery box has velvet inside which leave its colors so this are sometimes most of the big reason to get jewellery darken even its fine gold jewellery or silver jewelry.

Another cause to Remarque that the presence of sulphur in the air and some chemical reaction like using some telecom , deodorant , perfumes ,cosmetic , spray oils etc. 

We notice most of time if you go to jeweller for cleaning our ornaments its happens to get back your jewellery in less weight comparing to the moment when you are giving for cleaning .

So here we are tend to find out some effective way to clean-up your precious silver jewellery or silverware in order to not depend on someone else for easy and safe strategy for cleaning silver jewellery by homemade method 

1- Toothpaste or White Toothpaste Powder

This is one of oldest method to get all shining back to your silver jewellery or silver ornaments easily and safely which will not leave any of single effect on your skin while cleaning the silver jewelry at home. 

One of the most important thing is cleaning process not required any of item that are to be bought especially of this process from market we all have generally non-abrasive and non-gel white toothpaste at home so you just need to follow few easy steps below

Step 1 – compress a small quantity of toothpaste on your jewellery or you may use some soft cotton cloth / paper handkerchief for the same

Step 2- Rub it softly with fingers equally all its surroundings and mainly where its whiteness got dull for 4/5 minutes after that leave them for 2 minutes 

Step -3 cleaned up all with normal water and kept them into open air until it get dry to use again as a new one 

You may use tooth brush as well is the fingers is not approachable 

2- lemon 

Rubbing with lemon will allow you to get away its slightly tarnishing instantly for that you just need to 

Step 1– take a lemon according to the requirements 

Step 2– rub lemon only where the tarnishing is most on your silver ornaments directly 

Step 3– wash it with normal water after 1 minutes. 

3- Baking soda with water 

 One of simple and effected method to get rid of obstipation on your silver jewellery. 

Step 1- You just need to have small quantity of baking soba and some water t

Step 2- make a paste enough thick 

Step 3- Now to leave this paste  gently on jewellery 

Step 4 – 4/5 minutes later rinse your Jewellery with normal water

Step 5- finally dry them with soft cotton cloth or microbe towel to leave in air for few moment 

This is simple and home made recipe for cleaning all kind of silver jewellery at home without needing to move to jeweller for the same.

4– Baking Soda with Vinegar  

This is method is super for those if any certain part of bijoux is facing color missing issue. its simple effortless method you just need to mix baking soda with vinegar according .

Then after that wait after placing the paste on the particular part wait for 3 minutes approx and rinse your favourite jewellery with regular water. You will be wonder to get the result just in couple of minutes. 

During this cleaning process be care to use soft cloth or any equipment which is soft by its nature for rubbing the tarnishing. 

5- Dish Soap with Water 

First of all soak your jewellery before going to use in cleaners process. Then after simply take your dish soap either on toothbrush or microfibre cloth for rubbing carefully and if your jewellery is so delicate rub it with soft hands. In a small size jewellery superior to use small size toothbrush for 

6– Detergent Powder 

You will be glad to know that the Detergent powder that we think is too made for cloths but actually not just like that even its for all purpose. You might need a handy quantity vary to size of jewellery while using this effective power to clean your silver jewellery it better to use a toothbrush if its soft user then it would me much better . Then make wet toothbrush and tip it on powder and instantly rub it on your favourite jewellery part for better expected result. 

7- Ammonia with Water 

First of all be careful to not implement this rule to antique silver ornaments and silver utensils. This  is an improved version for silver cutlery and accessories . Take a small quantity of ammonia solution and double the lukewarm water to make the complete solution.  

After that you may just need to soak your love one jewellery for around 8-10 minutes . After this expected time period you should  take out from solution and clean with soft cloths. At the end if you want some shining over it then buffing with soft dry cotton cloth will give you immense shining. 

Here are some of effortless process to get your jewellery clean and clear without any doubt  jewellery is not the part of cloth which is usually removed in time and time its actually people carrying for long time thanks to its light weight silver jewellery. Moreover not taking an advantage of any occasion you should follow it on regular basic in furtherance of not panic at last moment.

so whenever you might find any of part of beautiful silver jewellery while wearing it constantly you may follow any of our advise in this case we would suggest its vary on type of jewellery. All over these are handy and most useful advises following by many decade in order to keep safe your precious investment at home and enjoy wearing to adding sparking on your look. 


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