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Why does jewellery get tarnished 

This is global issue for jewellery lover and they always worry about it while buying any kind of jewellery doesn’t matter it is in diamond jewellery , gold Jewellery or silver jewellery even brass jewellery as well tarnishing never stop to follow them once you bought from your most trusted jeweller. 

So the question is raised why my amazing jewellery got tarnished. 

What happens exactly behind the scene we are now bring you all those answer of mostly asked question. actually you never know in any kind jewellery some other environmental issue plays a major role moreover some other point are equally can change the scene. 

We would say this is not due to its quality issue but actually you never know your


Above reason are mostly found for tarnishing the jewellery. So you are now surprised that these reasons could be harmful for helping to improve tarnishing on your jewellery and you were thinking for other reason. 

Beacause of all above reason mentioned how the particular metal effects a lot

1- Sterling 925 Silver Jewelry 

Its going to difficult to say one unique reason but you may check your activity which can reflect positively on your ultimate 925 sterling silver jewellery.

First of all the sulphur massively present in the air which is much higher close to urban cities and industrial areas. So better to not effected from such cause you may put inside on your cloths as you cover your face from pollution.

Secondly you can notice during your favourite sport swimming the existence of quality of amount of chlorine in the water that attracts more the shining of silver and get it on other side  good tarnished 

Finally all our glowing beauty related products 

 All in case you don’t need to worry just follow few steps to get clear your all beloved 925 silver Jewelry 

Tips and Tricks to Keep your jewellery colour as it was at the buying time 

Don’t wear Gold ans Silver Ring in Conjunction  

1- if your fallen down on both silver and gold jewellery then its really a nice choice of selection for enriching your own beauty to attract people but we would advise you to not wear silver and gold jewellery together it means there must not be attachment among all of them .

Jewelry sets of gold and silver: chain and ring

For example some time you wear gold and silver ring on two different finger so first comes in mind ever Thant should wear gold and silver ring on closing finger in  brief silver and gold must not be touch to each other constantly . 

Now you are probably laughing how can become it surprising event that why should not wear silver and gold ring together. Remarkably silver metal loss its colour to gold very quickly so that the colour of gold start losing its yellowing colour to get whiten slowly and gradualy.

Once the gold colour became whiten it take lost of long process to get it back it actual Gold colour. 

2- Wear your loved one jewellery after completing your beauty products 

Yes, you can use all your beauty products as much as you want but our advise is use first completely then after taking few moments break to with your lovely steps . Put your jewellery at the last so that any of its effects will least remain on body. 

3- if needed then wash your jewellery with boil water 

We are talking about the all those jewellery which is made in gold or in silver not any other metal and more not all those silver or gold jewellery in which stone is fixed with the help of any other material. 

You may take a size according steel utensil with half capacity water and detergent and boil it until it get boiled completely and then put your jewellery inside the water and leave them keep boiling until all dirt or any other things comes at top of the water. 


How to clear tarnishing with easiest way at home – link for my blog 

Tips to keep my jewellery in order to get it tarnished 

1- keep your jewellery away from any chemical 

2- keep your Jewelry of any metal in transplant polythene which jeweller use to store their jewellery at shop because you won’t believe if you store your any of jewellery even if 24 carat gold coin on velvet your precious metal will become more tarnishing as compare to any other reason. 

3- Store in normal temperature , there are some jewellery like Kundan Meena Polki jewellery in silver or in gold there are chapdi kind of strong material has to put below part of diamond polki or imitation polki. If Kundan Meena Jewellery are store in hot tempreture all diamonds or imitation can be easily loose it gripping and chance to come out from its place . 

4- so all your jewellery must be kept in a place where you can get it back at any moment of its requirements 

5- in case of any uncertainly clean tarnishing time and time at your home. 

6- keep separate all your different metal jewellery if you put them all together at one place then make sure they all are on separate polythene

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