How hallmarking are making clear the quality scenario of all kind of silver , gold and diamond jewelry 

Let it be clear what is hallmarking for answering this question we can simply say the complete process which declare the purity and fineness of gold and silver 

Fine silver is actually come in 99.9% of purity that is come in shape of bar. If you are liken forward to buy 99.99% pure silver jewellery then is come in form of utensils or in some other iteams where welding is not required . 

More often we use to wear the jewelry that are supposed ti be in a shape which can not be easily bend so that to buy silver jewellery the fines form of purity can be easily find in sterling jewelry all these come in 92.5% purity. 

Now the question is arise how come pure silver 99.99% purity convert into sterling silver 92.5% . Simply pure silver 99.99% alloyed with copper to achieve the purity level of silver in 92.5% . So now we can say that 7.5% comes from copper only. 

The remelting allow to make strong and long lasting fine sterling jewellery. One more thing when there are any stone is used to make 925 sterling silver jewelry, copper melting helps to have perfect gripping to the stone either way your favourite stone can loss its gripping if the silver is in its maximum purity 99.99% .

For general knowledge  we can say 925 sterling silver and 92.5% of purity silver are considered as equal domination. 

Purity code on silver jewellery which represent its quality of fineness 

Code Purity percentage out of 99.99% ( 100% we take while calucating exact purtiy 

All Navya jewels lovers are very mush awash of hallmark 925 sterling silver jewellery as we always marked it on our stylish silver jewellery.

Similarly hallmarking on gold now days are safest mode form customer point of view at moment to buying precious metal with certified by authorised gold laboratory. In gold or in silver the customer can be fully assured by the actual declaration of purity either in gold or in silver. One more great reason to buy hallmarked jewellery is all hallmarking process must be done with licensed laboratories of whom details are always mention in item itself as well as online on govt websites.

Navya jewels bring you a fine description in well details form to make you better aware about the terminology – Hallmarking 

Carat Code Purity percentage out of 99.99% ( 100% we take while calucating exact fineness 
22k 91691.6%
18k 75075%

After look thought above table you might be thinking that how lowest quality of gold is also using to make jewelry is still accepting but actually for basic standardisation every country make their proper standardisation to not go with basic line. 

According to USA jewellery quality standard not less than 10 carat gold jewellery is acceptable as far as concerning to France , UK , Ireland , Portugal for them 9 carat is is the lowest quality standardisation in jewellery 

Advantage of hallmarking on Jewellery 

During the scanning of jewellery what are the major things must consider that is its welding , alloying quality , and metal fineness . All such parts are fulfilling its fineness for which it was submitted then hallmarking is stamped on the particular jewellery. This process is followed in a same manner either is it silver jewelry or gold jewelry . 

In any case if jewellery is not upto mark then hallmark laboratories return the jewelries parcel to the jeweller who submitted all jewellery for hallmarking and then these such jewellery are not able to get its hallmarked 

Some more possibilities from jeweller point of view in order to not remanufacture for its desire fineness they have a choice to get it stamped at lower level but in any case once the labor art has rejected the jewellery for required stamp it can not be stamped in any other canter as well as any other part of the nation. The good reason behind this is everything is  manage and maintained by government. 

Now we can say at the hallmarking jewellery is all for those as well who have no prior knowledge of quality related issue in silver or gold jewellery.


Q.1 -What is the process of Hallmarking ?

Hallmarking is done under proper steps in authorised hallmarking centre affiliated by Government. A jeweller submit jewelleries for verifying and checking its quality measurements . All agents works in laboratories examine all the jewellery. If the all the products are achieving all its upto mark then hallmarking is place et return to the manufacture with proper hallmarking  paste inside the jewellery. 

Q.2 How I can know the jewellery is hallmarked or not ?

You me turn the jewelry for its insider view . All hallmarked are stamped inside the jewellery and most of the time where there are plain space inside the jewellery 

Like in rings you me find out in insider surface. 

The language written is mainly by black colour 

Q.3 How hallmarked jewellery are beneficial for me ?

As you all know hallmarking process is done after genuinely examine the jewellery . Every stamping on jewellery is done after followings many steps which define the actual accuracy of its purity so the main benefits of buying hallmarked jewellery is on two time 

1- at the moment of buying you are paying for the actual purity as it have

2- at the moment whenever you want to exchange or resell your jewellery you would not losing any money because of promise the jeweller give you was not false thanks to two way confirmation 

First jeweller promise and second to full-fill jeweller promise the other authority that is authorised hallmarking centre which assured by stamping on jewelry. 

Q. If want to buy silver or gold jewellery 99.99% purity ?

As far as concerned to pure gold or pure silver jewellery we can say 925 silver jewellery or 916 gold jewellery are more good to buy. The purpose to not adding copper or other materiel while making jewellery more profitable for jeweller rather than this process is completely beneficial for customer because they are getting long time uses jewellery. The cause behind this is the pure 99.99 % gold or silver are very soft by its nature so it is not possible to give them a shape to make a fashionable and trendy jewellery. 

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