Hallmarking in Jewellery meaning , advantage and FAQs  

How hallmarking are making clear the quality scenario of all kind of silver , gold and diamond jewelry  Let it be clear what is hallmarking for answering this question we can simply say the complete process which declare the purity and fineness of gold and silver  Fine silver is actually come in 99.9% of purity […]

Why does silver or jewellery tarnish 

Tips and Tricks for Protections Why does jewellery get tarnished  This is global issue for jewellery lover and they always worry about it while buying any kind of jewellery doesn’t matter it is in diamond jewellery , gold Jewellery or silver jewellery even brass jewellery as well tarnishing never stop to follow them once you […]

How to clean silver jewelry at home 

Hello Mostly all kind of silver jewellery either its 925 sterling silver jewellery or silver fashion jewelry are loosing its shining with the passage of time. There are multiples reason behind the degrading its shining toward darkish color all those things which is so closed when we keep them in box.  Like sometimes the glorious […]

Wedding ring Guide  

Wedding Ring for Women Generally Ring size in USA for women is between 3 to 13.5 for adults . Ring size of your finger’s width is determined in millimetres. The average size of women wedding ring is between 5 to 7. We know off course well that the length of lady is also reflect on […]

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